Karaoke in the City

I know I always say how I don’t have a lot of free time, but it’s so true. So when I do get an off day, it’s so important for me to have fun. My parents have been visiting me a lot, especially because it’s my last time ever playing softball. This past weekend I got to have Sunday off and spend the day in New York with my mom and her best friend, who is basically like my aunt.

We made our way to Chelsea Market where we indulged in red wine, olives, and steak tartar–I sound so bougie. Honestly, that was the second time I ate steak tartar that weekend and I was super stoked about it.

After we enjoyed our glasses of wine probably around 12:30 pm because it’s 5 O’Clock somewhere. We decided to do a little shopping but Patricia, my mom’s best friend, wanted to stop to find some happy hour deals. We ended up stopping at this karaoke bar because they had $4 sake bombs. It ended up being hilarious watching my mom sing Billie Jean and her not hitting a single note. Sometimes it’s the spur of the moment activities that end up being the highlight of the day.


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