My favorite beauty bloggers

During my free time you will always find me watching makeup tutorials. My roommates constantly get mad at me for watching them at all hours of the day- even 4:30 am before practice. Here’s a list of my favorite people to watch on YouTube:

  1. Jaclyn Hill – She is 100% responsible for my makeup addiction. When I was in high school, I used to watch her tutorials and any product she said was her favorite, became my new favorite. It’s safe to say that Jaclyn taught me everything I know about makeup. I, also, blame her for my credit card debt.
  2. LustreLux  – If you’re in need for some comic relief, watch Katy. I love her makeup, but I mostly love her two dogs, Zoe and Turbo.
  3. Chrisspy – She has the best Halloween tutorials! Every time Halloween time rolls around, I go to her channel and take notes. Below are some of my favorite Halloween looks. The skull is probably the most popular video on YouTube for Halloween. Halloween Skull Makeup
  4. Manny MUA – Manny was the first male to star in Maybelline’s campaign for the Big Shot Mascara. He is also the first  male-brand ambassador. He is not afraid to be himself and that is admirable.
  5. Kathleen Lights – You know how I said I blame Jaclyn for my credit card debt? Kathleen helps that a little bit. She is known for using products that are more wallet friendly. Kathleen is constantly trying to find good products that everyone can afford.



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